Mountain Gorilla conservation with AWF

We are named after the SUSA mountain gorilla family that roam around the river SUSA area in The Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. The gorillas are the symbol and hero of the stand out environmental biodiversity at the heart of Africa, encompassing warm and friendly people, thousands of rolling hills, volcanoes, rain forest, sweeping plains and incredible wildlife.

We have partnered with African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) to help protect the endangered mountain gorillas of the volcanoes national park. The sale of all SUSA products directly support AWF’s work across our co­ffee and tea growing regions, that is delivering positive outcomes for natural habitat, people and wildlife.

For more than four decades, AWF has partnered with Rwanda and has been a leader in mountain gorilla conservation. In 1981, AWF was one of the founders of the Mountain Gorilla Project (MGP). For a decade, AWF led MGP in developing anti-poaching programs, supporting park planning, instituting community education programs, and implementing Rwanda’s ground-breaking gorilla tourism industry. In 1991, AWF and partners expanded the Rwandan country-level program to create the International Gorilla Conservation Program— a transboundary program focused on conservation throughout the species entire range. In 2007, AWF financed and developed Rwanda’s first luxury community-owned enterprise—Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge. Today, AWF works directly with the Rwandan government to assess the needs of a growing mountain gorilla population while simultaneously working to improve the livelihoods of people living throughout the Volcanoes National Park region. 

AWF in Rwanda

How you can help

Sales of all SUSA products directly support AWF's conservation projects in the volcanoes national park.

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