SUSA Single Estate Ground Coffee
SUSA Single Estate Ground CoffeeSUSA Single Estate Ground CoffeeSUSA Single Estate Ground CoffeeSUSA Single Estate Ground CoffeeSUSA Single Estate Ground Coffee

About Our Coffee
The SUSA single estate is our original house blend and encompasses the powerful landscape in which the coffee is grown. The blend of volcanic soils, high altitude and our single coffee washing station deliver a must-try cup with a truly unique taste profile. Proceeds of the profits of this coffee help support Mountain Gorilla conservation in Rwanda with the AWF.

Origin: Rwanda
Growing Altitude: 1,900m
Type: 100% Arabica Ground Coffee
Roast: Medium
Weight: 227g (approx. 25-30 cups)

Washing Station

Cyebumba is located in the growing region of Kivumu in the Western province, it has the capacity of producing 60 Metric Tonnes of parchment coffee per season, grown at an altitude of 1,900m. 

Cyebumba works with 350 farmers grouped in a cooperative named Kodadukacye. The company encourages local coffee farmers, offering training on farming methods and providing inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides. 

Tasting Notes

Full body flavour profile that is rich and complex with clean acidity. Chocolate, and fruit aroma. Wet-Processed, natural sun-dried. 

Brewing Guide

We have put together a recommended brewing guide below, to help get the best out of your SUSA experience. *Please note this is a recommended guide and we understand personal preferences may differ. 

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You will notice the unique texture of the SUSA packaging as soon as it arrives at your door. SUSA celebrates the natural environment and is committed to pursuing sustainable packaging solutions that ultimately end the use of plastic packaging. This pouch is 60% compostable and Biotre is making great progress towards the goal of being 100% biodegradable. You may see a few marks but be assured this is the nature of our renewable material. This is not your standard plastic pouch. SUSA wouldn't have it any other way.