Ugandan Medium Roast Ground

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Our medium roast Ugandan coffee grounds are produced in the western Kasese growing region, by a vibrant community of small holder farmers. We work with a large number of smallholder households to help support the wider community rather than a single estate. Our Ugandan grounds are handpicked and washed in Uganda and then ground and roasted to perfection in our London studio to ensure we deliver only the very best flavour.

Type: 100% Arabica
Net Weight:
Flavour Profile:
Medium/Full body with fruity notes.
Growing Altitude: 900 - 1,700 meters
Harvest: June - October
Registered smallholders in the region: 10,902 

As part of SUSA's environmental commitment we try our best to only work with earth-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions. Our bags are fully recyclable and our branded sleeves are printed on uncounted cardboard using soy based inks. These sleeves are widely recyclable in most household recycling. 

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We roast and ground our coffee fresh in our London studio to ensure quality and longevity of each product.

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